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"Laughter heals your soul and Aloe Vera heals your wounds", says Claudelle Thurman, our most dedicated Laughter Buddy. We met in the Park City Library every morining were Len Warren, the Director of the Library, has two green thumbs. We were exclaiming how healthy the huge Aloe Vera plant is, when Caludelle told June how healthy the little start of Aloe Vera June gave her last year is doing. And she said, she thinks of June every time she looks at the little plant. Where upon she said to June, "You heal my soul and my wounds". How true, how true, how true -- LAUGHTER DOES HEAL THE SOUL and improves our health every day!

See our post in Alerts for your good health on what Dr. Oz says about the importance of Human Growth Hormone.

Did you know YOU can IMMEDIATELY increase your body's OWN natural Human Growth Hormone with just 15-minutes of deep aerobic belly laughter? You can -- a study at Loma Linda University proves you can increase your body's own Morphine by up to 27% and your body's own Human Growth Hormone by up to 87% with laughter.

And, you don't need a single joke to enjoy the many health benefits of laughter without humor. Laugh just for the good health of it. Great way to jumpstart your day!

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